INTERVIEW Zuriñe Otaola Llano

Zuriñe Otaola Llano

Zuriñe Otaola Llano


  • Name: Zuriñe Otaola Llano
  • Date of birth: 01/09/2004
  • Place of residence: Amurrio, Álava
  • Actual studies: Studying first high school
  • Honors: 11st place cyclocross race, Orduña


  • When did you start cycling?
    You could say that I started at the age of 7 years
  • In what year did you sign for the Txorierriko Nesken Taldea?
    I had the opportunity to sign for this team in the year 2021
  • What word describes you as a runner?
    I think I would say that the word it describes is being constant.
  • If you had to choose an athlete to learn from, what would?
    one of the cyclists I would like to learn from nationally, I would choose Ane Santesteban and Rocío Del Alba since they seem to me to be two great runners in their modality.
  • How do you manage to combine sports and studies?
    Sometimes it is a bit difficult for me to combine it but by organizing well I manage to combine it well or using different types to study.
  • Why did you decide to go cycling?
    Since we were little, my sister and I have gone to see my older brother run and we liked it and we decided to sign up. My father was also a cyclist and it is something that we all carry in our blood.
  • What kind of competitions do you participate in?
    I currently compete on the road and in mtb, currently I have competed in other disciplines such as cyclocross.
  • What is your best memory in sports?
    I have many beautiful memories, one of them is when I got the victory in the Orduña race since it was my second race in cyclo-cross mode and I was racing at home,my friends and my family were there, I have a nice memory of that day.
  • What is the best part of competing?
    When you are suffering and people cheer you on in the gutters,the moments before,during and after with the companions…I would not know how to choose one I think.
  • What is your favorite career?
    One of my favorite races is Noja's race, It is a circuit that I like a lot and in which I enjoy a lot and one that I ran in schools since my grandfather always told me that this race was my father and he always tried to win it.
  • A tip for those who start
    That they are not demotivated if they do not have it in mind or wait because with time, perseverance and effort in the end everything comes and that they enjoy the sport a lot.
  • Your next sporting challenge
    It would be to be able to achieve a career.